Gilly Regev
CEO @ SaNOtize

Gilly Regev, Doctor of Philosophy, CEO & Co-Founder at biotech start-up SaNOtize that has developed a platform technology that enables the prevention/treatment of normal and drug resistant topical microbial infections. The company’s key innovation is a proprietary nitric oxide releasing solution (NORS) formulation for use in human medicine.

SaNOtize has demonstrated the effectiveness of its NORS formulation in eradicating different types of viruses, including influenza and H1N1, and is working diligently to determine its efficacy for preventing and treating COVID-19 infections.

Dr. Regev is experienced biotech executive with hands-on experience in launching pharmaceutical enterprises, has an experience in drug development, intellectual property development and clinical trials. 30 years of experience in research and development in biochemistry, analytic chemistry and microbiology. She spent the last 12 years in the field of nitric oxide, including tenure as the Chief Scientific Officer for Bovicor. PhD in Biochemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.